Dear Baby Jett

Dear Baby Jett,

Let me tell you about your mom.

Your mom, my big sister, is a warrior. A determined, passionate, fearless warrior.

Your mom and I have a very special and unique relationship; she is the epitome of a big sister and a pivotal role model in my life. She is a strong leader in our family and has always known exactly what she wants in life. As a child, I remember wanting to be just like her; going as far as following her around and copying everything that she did. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be someone with so much style, independence, class, and a little bit of spunk? Your mom always seems to have it together, with such ease, she glides through life managing things and making sure everything is in its place. She is always there ready to give advice and guidance, yet also accepts me for who I am and the choices I make, even when we disagree.

I owe the most important part of myself to my sister: my faith. Without her having the desire to get back into church and come closer to God, I don’t think I would have ever reached the point that I am at now with my spirituality. That is a time in my life that I will never forget. A time in my life that I was the closest and most bonded with your mom than I have ever been. We grew close to God while simultaneously growing closer together, becoming each other’s best friends, and wanting to always be together. It’s a time that I cherish more than I can explain.

And then, all of a sudden, she left me. She left me for your dad. It felt like heartbreak. It felt like a piece of my world had disappeared. It felt like I had been forgotten, neglected, and replaced. Perhaps it seems dramatic, but for me, it was devastating. I went from seeing my sister every day and attending church together every Sunday, to seeing her maybe twice a week and going to church alone. It was a very difficult transition in my life and my reaction to it is something I have come to regret.

From that point forward, unknowingly, I became bitter. I wasn’t a big fan of anything that had to do with your mom and dad. I tried not to show it though, I really did. I wanted to be supportive, but I felt as though one of the biggest pieces of my life had been stolen from me. And not only did bitterness began to manifest, resentment did as well. So for a while, I kept my distance. I didn’t know what to do and any time we were together, it became a fight. So my best resolve was to just stay away. However, time did what it does best: heal; so, with time, things got better. We slowly began to grow back together and get to know each other again. But do you want to know what really sealed the deal for me?

You. You did Jett. You exploded my heart with joy for my sister and I could no longer stay away. You are what broke that barrier between us and I will forever be grateful to you for that.

As long as I can remember, the only thing my sister has ever wanted out of life was to become a mother. She has been planning, prepping, and dreaming of the day that she would have a baby to call her own. And when that finally happened, she took every step and every precaution to ensure that her pregnancy would go by as smoothly and as healthily as possible. Out of fear and probably disbelief, she was convinced something would go wrong and she would wake up from this wonderful dream of hers and realize it wasn’t reality, but that never happened. This dream was her reality, and what a beautiful one at that.

1:00 a.m. in the morning on June 27th you decided your journey of being in this world needed to begin four weeks earlier than expected. Your mom, with admirable calmness and control, said let’s do this.

Your mom wanted a perfect and natural birth for you, and minus a few things that couldn’t be controlled, that’s exactly what she gave you. She attacked each contraction with the utmost steadiness, focus, and control. As things progressed and the pain increased, her determination and strength seemed to double. What seemed like it should be her weakest moments were actually her strongest. In the simplest of terms, it was unbearable pain being bared. During this time, the only word I could think of for your mom was warrior.

She exemplified strength, determination, passion, and fearlessness. All because of love, because she loved you so much. Because she loved you before you were born, before you were conceived, and before you were even a thought. You, Jett, have always been your mother’s biggest dream and greatest desire. And watching you be born, watching my sister be given her biggest dream, was and always will be one of my greatest joys.

Jett, you were the first addition to our family and you changed everything; you somehow made everything in our family perfect. It is remarkably evident how much you were meant to be here with us, time and time again there was always something that made it clear to me that God wanted you here. You being perfectly healthy, and not a thing wrong with you once you arrived, is just one example of many. Jett, you are so loved and adored by your family, but even greater than that, is how special you are to have the mom that you do.

So remember this the next time she gives you a hard time about something or begins to get on your nerves; don’t forget the fearless, selfless, and one of a kind mother you are so blessed to have. She is truly extraordinary and deserves every piece of happiness this life can give her. But also, don’t let her forget how blessed she is a to have a perfect little baby like youself. (And also amazing aunt like me.)


Auntie Rosey


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